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Things to do in Thessaloniki: The 12 Best Places to Visit (All Highlights )

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You want to visit Thessaloniki during your next trip to Greece?

Good plan!

To be able to help you plan your stay, I’ve created this guide of the 12 best things to complete in Thessaloniki, the 2nd biggest city in Greece. You’ll discover all the best points of interest and must-see attractions!

As well as this list of things to complete and activities, I will even give you itineraries to go to Thessaloniki in 1, 2 or 3 days in addition to my selection of the finest accommodations depending in your budget.

And as always, this travel guide contains all my best ideas to maximize of your stay.

So, what’re the best places to go to in Thessaloniki? Where to remain?

Visit Thessaloniki: the 12 Must-See attractions

The White Tower

Let’s start this guide of Thessaloniki with the White tower, the most iconic monument of the city.

Considered since the city’s landmark, the White Tower is actually one of the finest places to see in Thessaloniki.

Built in 1535, the tower was originally surrounded by heavy walls, since it was used as a prison through the Ottoman occupation of Greece. There, many prisoners were tortured and executed, and the Tower acquired its nickname: “The Tower of Blood”, or “The Red Tower&rdquo ;.

It absolutely was renamed “the White Tower” in 1890, after having a prisoner entirely repainted it in white in trade of his liberty. Another version of the story says so it was renamed by the Greeks in 1913, 1 year when they reconquered the city Visit for travsel info about Thessaloniki.

The 34-meter high tower has become hosting the White Tower Museum, specialized in Thessaloniki’s History from the Roman Era to the present day.

Through your visit, it’s also advisable to visit the tower’s top floor. There, you’ll admire a beautiful 360° view of the town, the sea and even Mount Olympus, Greece’s highest summit.

Thessaloniki Waterfront

If you’re spending a few days in the town, you then should definitely take a stroll along its waterfront. It’s one of the finest things to complete in Thessaloniki.

There, you are able to walk on a 5-km long promenade on the seaside. This promenade was completely renovated a couple of years ago and connects the Photography Museum, the White Tower and Thessaloniki Concert Hall.

On the seaside, you will find many bars and restaurants frequented by locals and tourists alike: the area is actually vibrant! It feels a little such as the Greek version of the “Croisette”, in Cannes, or the “Promenade des Anglais” in Nice Visit for more information about Thessaloniki boat and cruise tours..

Don’t miss “The Umbrellas”, a contemporary sculpture situated in the park, about 500m from the White Tower.

Through your walk, on the seaside, you will even discover beautiful thematic gardens:

Alexander the Great Garden
The Garden of the Afternoon Sun
The Garden of the Sand
The Garden of Mediterranean
The Garden of Sculptors, Sound, Water and more!
There are greater than a dozen thematic gardens in Thessaloniki. If you’re traveling with children, it is a great destination for a take a break and let them enjoy one of the playgrounds.

You may also ride a bike on the bicycle path along the waterfront. There are numerous bicycle rentals shops nearby, you can’t miss them.

It’s clearly one of the finest places to go to in Thessaloniki, especially through the evening, when the current weather is cooler!

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