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Football is a great sport because it doesn’t pound the bodies

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I won’t lie to you. Baseball is my favorite sport. I love to play and watch baseball.
However, football holds a special place for me and is the next best thing to baseball.
Let’s find out what makes football such a great sport and what the benefits might be to playing football.

The length of football’s season: It is a very short and simple season. Football is shorter than other What sports, and can sometimes be too long. It’s short and sweet. The “why” is that football is physically more demanding than other sports. Because the body cannot take that much pounding, the season is cut short. Because so few games are played, each game is more important than the others. Each game may not be as important over a long season but every game in a short season is crucial.

Diversity in Positions: Although it is true that professional football has different offense and defensive players, I don’t like this. In amateur football, where we play in our schoolyards or local parks, all positions are available and we can play both defense and offense.

Football is a team sport. It’s similar to baseball. One player cannot do it all. Rely on your teammates to do their job. You can’t rely on one player to rally the team (emotionally, yes, but not actually play). Every player must do his job. Your teammate must do the same as you. You will not be able to “be in the game”.

Chances of winning: Any team can beat another team at any time. This old saying is true. Any team can win on any given day. You play other sports so many times that the superior team will win and dominate the other team. Even though some games can be unexpected, this is how it works in football. Each team plays football once or twice. In any given game, each team has equal chances to win and execute well. Football is the great equalizer.

Physical Play: This is my favorite reason football is such a great sport. Physical play. The crushing of people. The pounding. The tackling. Aggression. Every play is a battle between the players. The adrenaline rush that football provides is unmatched.

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