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Recently the pace of quantitative growth of online casinos is slowing, that will be because of the satiety of the marketplace and new anti-gaming laws. At this time casinos make an effort to attract clients by improving service and increasing the total amount and quality of games. For instance, online casinos software company “Microgaming” has been adding four games each month the past two years. The business “CryptoLogic” develops service packs with about ten games every several months. New games can be found in PlayTech and RTG casinos. Certainly, the leadership among new games belongs to various slots, mainly video-slots with a good amount of lines, bonuses or just with new graphics. However, ordinary table games (card games contrary to the dealer) are now being developed as well. Let’s look closer at the newest innovations in the internet casinos.

Let’s focus on the solitaire. Yeah, it is old good “Klondike” that firmly occupies its devote the typical set of Windows games. Now the sa game vip CryptoLogic casino also offers this game, nonetheless it is named “Solitaire “.I won’t retell the principles of the overall game – if you may not know them, launch the overall game and see by yourself. If you intend to train in the very casino version, install parameters “deal cards 1 by 1” and “account fully for money” and you will receive a clear notion of what you should encounter in the casino. Initially of the overall game, you stake from 1,04 to 52 USD (52 USD are embedded also in Windows Solitaire) and you will receive from 10 cents to 5 USD for every card, place in its proper place. So if Solitaire is completed, you win five times more compared to the initial stake. But even when Solitaire is not being completed, you get some funds back. As you see, if you set 11 cards, you will undoubtedly be in pocket. Unfortunately, the analysis of the overall game is too complicated and information regarding expectation is unavailable yet.

The nice popularity of the internet poker club preconditioned the looks of following games in the casino. First, the overall game Casino Holdem was developed, that will be available these days in casinos RTG, PlayTech and CryptoLogic; a little later there appeared Tequila Poker (PlayTech).

So, the Casino Holdem is the overall game that really resembles the holdem-poker. At first players must stake the ante, then the player and the dealer take two hole cards and at after the flop is dealt. The flop means three open board cards (one pack with 52 cards is used). Taking a look at five cards (hole and flop), players must make the decision whether they’ll continue the overall game or not. If the overall game continues, the ball player stakes the blind in amount of two ante, otherwise he discards and loses the ante. If the overall game continues, the dealer deals two cards more – turn and river – and showdowns. The combinations of the ball player and dealer are compared according to rules of the Texas Holdem – the higher poker combination, formed by five cards, wins (it is possible to utilize from 0 around 2 hole cards and from 3 around 5 board cards). Like in the Oasis-Poker, the dealer may have “no game “.If the dealer has less that pair of fours, the ball player receives winning in the quantity of ante, but not merely one ante, but in respect with the winning table, where winning varies from 1 ante for straight and lower around 100 ante for royal-flesh (the main blind returns to the player). If the dealer has the overall game and his combination is higher, all blinds of the ball player are lost. If combinations are equal, the winner is set by the seniority of cards remaining. If the dealer has the overall game and his combination is lower, the ball player receives payments on ante in respect with table and on the main stake as 1 to 1.

According to table of payments, the advantage of casino in the overall game comprises near 2%. Taking into account the range of possible combinations, it is practically impossible to develop the perfect strategy. However, one can roughly claim that the ball player must play about 82% of dealings. The player should discard, if he has two small unpaired cards, does not adhere to the flop and he can’t hope on the straight/flash.

In addition to the main blind, the ball player will make one more bet on the field marked as “AA “.The player wins the excess stake, if his 5-card combination on the flop is formed by pair of aces or higher. In cases like this, the ball player will receive payments in respect with table from seven around 100 times of the stake amount. The main advantage of casino by the excess stake comprises a bit more than 6%.

Tequila Poker is not even close to the club poker, but it has some features making it nearer to Blackjack or even Baccarat. So, the overall game needs the pack with 52 cards, before dealing the ball player stakes the ante. Following this four whole cards are wear the table. Here the ball player has to produce his choice, he can refuse to continue the overall game, losing the ante, or he can continue the overall game Tequila Poker or continue the overall game Tequila High, making the main stake at the quantity of the ante. If the overall game continues, two hole cards are dealt more and five cards are chosen from their store to form the best combination. If the ball player has chosen the overall game Tequila Poker, the combination is formed based on the standard poker rule. The hand with pair of aces and higher is recognized as to be always a winner. If the combination is lower, the ball player loses all stakes, if it is higher, the ante is paid as 1 to 1 and the main stake multiplies in respect with table of payments that’s generally looks like the Video Poker one. If the ball player has chosen the overall game Tequila High, points of his five higher cards are summed. Points are accounted as in Blackjack (cards from two around ten according to nominal value, pictures are valued as 10 points, aces – 11 points). The player is for minimum 46 points for winning. If he receives significantly more than 45 points, the ante is paid as 1 to 1 and payments on the main stake are manufactured in respect with table (maximum 54 points with payments 200 to 1).

As you recognize, here the perfect strategy can be very complicated. I will simply claim that the ball player is always to play Tequila Full of 30% of dealings, Tequila Poker in 32% and he’s to discard the remained 38% of dealings. You need to play Tequila Poker when you yourself have any pair or four cards for straight/flash (including an inside straight). You need to play Tequila High if you your three higher cards give 28 or more points. The main advantage of casino at the play with the perfect strategy can make up 4,2%.

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