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Best Sightseeing Tours in Shanghai

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Shanghai was the biggest and most prosperous city in the Far East during the 1930s. Previously 20 years it’s again become a nice-looking city for tourists from throughout the world. Shanghai is just a fascinating mix of East and West. It’s historic houses that blend the types of Chinese houses with European design flair, and it’s one of many richest collections of Art Deco buildings in the world.

There are many different companies offering sightseeing buses with various routes and packages covering the main sights including the Shanghai Zoo, Oriental Pearl Tower, and Baoyang Road Harbor. The majority of the sightseeing buses leave from the Shanghai Stadium’s east bus station.

Things to accomplish at Shanghai include visiting the city’s world-class museums and art galleries, including the Shanghai Museum and the China Art Museum; wandering through lovely gardens and parks; or getting back in some shopping, especially in the “New World” pedestrian area with its luxury boutiques and galleries. Also fun is exploring the city’s many fine old temples and traditional pagodas.

Shanghai is an excellent city for walking, especially in the older parts of the town such as for example The Bund. It can be home as to the amounts to one of many world’s most impressive collections of Art Deco architecture. Huangpu Park is just a pleasant place to visit, and has an interesting museum dedicated to The Bund’s history. Outer Garde, the impressive building is notable because of its lovely roof ornaments, figurative representations in bas-reliefs, and window openings, along with its dragon-adorned walls. See the priceless statues of the Jade Buddha Temple and Longhua Temple.

The Oriental Pearl Tower is the main skyscraper that defines the Pudong skyline. People’s Park is a superb place for them to run around. The park is a tiny bit north of People’s Square but it’s an easy task to explore both.  Century Park in Pudong is home to a river where fishing is allowed, a youngsters’ recreational area, trails to run, a tiny beach area, an outdoor music theater, trees, ponds, pretty landscaping, and more.

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